What makes a good Camino Day?

  A beautiful sunrise Fresh Totilla for breakfast Coke, ice and a slice of lemon A conversation along the path An albergue that is not completo (full) A bottom bunk bed Finished walking by 2 pm A hot shower! A tasty pilgrims meal and lively conversation A bunk room that is not too hot Feet […]

My Camino Heroes

  There are people you come across on the Camino that stand out for different reasons. Some are funny, others able to get a social gathering going despite language, others for their sheer determination. Two people have stood out for me so far. Patrick and Albert. I call Patrick, "The French Machine." He is 72 […]

Nothing more to be said

  Today was just hard work, 37 kms in 30+ degree heat walking on a gravel road. Step by step, crunch, crunch, crunch. Nothing more to be said!  

Camino questions

  Why is the last kilometre of the day always the longest? Why are Spanish kilometres longer than Fitbit ones? Why is it that it takes so long to catch up to the person in front of you while others pass you at will? Why is it that when you ask for a Coke in […]

Starting the day right

  Each morning before I get up and make preparations to walk or at one of the churches on the way, I try to pause and pray. I use the morning mediation from Tres Dias to help me focus on God. Part of the prayer is included in the photos. In the stillness of the […]

Music at the top of the hill

  It is the little things that catch you smiling on the Camino. Today, as I was almost at the top of a rocky climb I was spurred on by the sound of a guitar playing. Sitting under a tree was a minstrel called Visar. Although a small and seemingly insignificant act it provided inspiration. […]

Listening to your body

  Today the aim was to reach the town of Lorca. A group I had become friendly with were heading there and it would be great continue our friendship. I walked further today with a detour to the church of Saint Maria del Eunate so come mid afternoon, I was done 5 kms short of Lorca. […]

Remembering what the Camino is about.

  These beatitudes were given to me at the church of St Esaban up on a hill, outside Pamplona. An excellent reminder of what the journey is all about.

Lessons learned in Barcelona

Hot chocolate should be eaten with a spoon rather than drunk. Very nice. Don't try and sell your house in New Zealand while in Barcelona, particularly if you need documents notorised. Finally found someone to do it saving me a trip to Madrid. It is okay to lie and say you are Australian but only […]

Sagrada Familia

There are few words that begin to  describe this basilica. For me it is the most beautiful sanctuary I have ever experienced. I will let the photos do it some justice. Look at them and just imagine it is even more beautiful in reality.

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