Mission Accomplished!

  Today was the end of this adventure. I had reached the End of the World - or at least the most westerly point in Europe. To reach this point and get back to Santiago today, meant a 5 am start and a walk of 37 kms. The adventure ended at the end of a […]

Dipping toes in the ocean

  Today I reached the Atlantic Ocean. Not the end of the world yet, but close. My journey today took me to Muxia, a coastal town on a rocky coastline. Part of the walk took a route following the coast. It looked so appealing but seemed inaccessible. I came across an overgrown track which I […]

Exploring Santiago

I love Santiago de Compostela. Admittedly I have only really explored the city center and the historic sector. It is a bustling city with quiet alcoves where you can sit and watch the world go by. Over it all is the Cathedral, dominating the skyline, with a rabbit warren of streets seeming to radiate out from […]

Reaching Santiago

  We reached Santiago, our goal. Although walking into the city held no emotions for me, it wasn't until Andrew and I walked into the plaza, in front of the cathedral, that the enormity of the task  hit me. The fact that I had completed the entire journey on foot and had my son there […]

Going separate ways

  An excellent night last evening chatting with fellow peregrinos, reminiscing about experiences since St Jean, bemoaning filgrims and sharing remedies for beating blisters. The day was spent crossing paths. Chris and Becka would surge ahead and then stop at a cafe. My pace was much slower but I stopped less, eventually passing them. This leap […]

Heading out on a new adventure

  One final task - walk to Finisterre via Muxia, the end of the world. With a much lighter backpack ( left about a third of the contents at the hotel in Santiago) I was able to make great time heading to the coast. After the filgrim woes after Sarria and Caminomania in Santiago, the […]

A Tough Day

  Today was tough. My shins are really sore so at some points I was shuffling along. It felt like the fronts of my lower legs were gripped tightly in a vice. Ironically going uphill was easiest. In my head I was determined to stop in Portomarin and rest for the day but Andrew and […]

Two roads diverge in a yellow wood

  This is the opening line of my favorite poem, "The Road not Taken," by Robert Frost. There are many interpretations but for me it talks of the choices that we make that create opportunities and yet leaves others missed. Today our choices were to get to Sarria via Samos or over the hill. Having […]

Heading to the Hills

  Today we left the plains and started for the hills. Again Andrew was out front and I was playing catch up which has worked out fine. We can walk at our own pace and spend breaks talking and joking about what we have seen and the people we have met. At the crack of […]

Finding our Rhythm

  Today was Andrew's first day of walking. I was a little anxious about how he would go after the two long flights to Europe. The alarm jarred our world at 5:30am and we were out the door and walking by 6am. I needn't have worried. He hit his strides quickly and we soon fell […]

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