Reflections on my Camino Adventure 2016

This has been hard. How do you put into words what you have experienced and reflect on what it all means.

I do need to acknowledge Colleen, my wife. She allowed me to use most of our Summer Break to walk the Camino again. This meant us being apart, that must have been hard at times.

The question I have been asked most since completing the Camino is, ” How did it compare with your first Camino?” My reply has always been, “It was different.”

I am glad that previous pilgrims reminded me to go with few expectations and be open to what comes along.

Highlights for me:

  • Being able to walk the Napoleon Way
  • Walking the Meseta covering the route I had missed in 2013
  • Having Andrew join me for 10 days walking from Leon to Santiago
  • Beautiful Sunrises
  • Impromptu spanish guitar recital at St Anton Monestary
  • Walking to Finesterre via Muxia
  • Meeting great people
  • Friendly Hopitalieros
  • Time alone as I walked
  • Places to pray

Since returning home, I have found it hard to get back into a rhythm.

My body is taking time to feel right again. It took a hammering with long days and getting over shin splints. I have not done much walking something I would like to get back into  – still thinking of a goal I can reach for.

Did I get clear direction or God speak to me directly – not that I was aware of. I do think about the Camino everyday and how spectacular the adventure was. As I said at the start, it is so hard to describe.

Watch this space. I imagine He will use this adventure to lead me forward.



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