Shout Out to great products

At the end of this adventure there were pieces of equipment that stood out for me because of their reliability, usefulness and quality.

I have listed three of them below as worthy of particular mention.

Keen Newport sandals


Your feet are one thing you want to look after when walking 900 kilometres. The choice of footwear is an extremely important decision. I had decided that I would walk this journey in sandals. Last time I gotten bad blisters and felt that my feet got very sweaty wearing boots.

I still got blisters on this trip but the sandals never felt uncomfortable to wear as they did not rub. Because my feet did tend to dry out, I decided to wear socks with the sandals for most of the journey.

The Keen sandals were great. They were solid and lasted the whole trip and beyond.

They are a little heavy but the Vibram sole was worth the weight with having to walk so many kilometres. High recommended


KP Sling bag

I spotted the Sling Back on a Kickstarter advert being shown on Facebook.

On my last Camino I had worn a small front pack to carry those things that are great to have handy. It was a little cumbersome and too large for the job.

The KP Sling bag was perfect. It was a good size just to carry a few things. Lots of zipped compartments to manage items and easy to wear. It could be worn at the front when walking with a backpack but then as a small backpack when exploring a city.

My camera was always at hand as well as other essential items.

The sling stayed with me at all times and I did not need to worry where the small essential things were because they were all together and managed in the different compartments. Highly recommended

Scrubba bag

My particular scrubba bag has completed three Caminos now. The Scrubba bag allows you to wash a small amount of clothing in a watertight bag. What makes the Scrubba bag so good is that it has textured rubber on one side that acts like the old wash board. By rolling the bag back and forth (with water, washing liquid and clothes inside) the bag acts like a hand operated washing machine.

Empty out the water and then repeat the process to rinse and you are done.

As I have said previously, the bag has survived three Caminos with the only sign of wear being the seal coming away from the air release valve. (easily fixed with some tape at least temporarily).

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