Exploring Santiago

I love Santiago de Compostela. Admittedly I have only really explored the city center and the historic sector. It is a bustling city with quiet alcoves where you can sit and watch the world go by. Over it all is the Cathedral, dominating the skyline, with a rabbit warren of streets seeming to radiate out from it.

Andrew and I wandered the streets, sat in the plaza and explored the souvenir shops. The historic sector of the city is Caminomanic so you can choose from the wide range of caminomabilia; t shirts, shells, walking sticks and figurines, just to name a few. We wanted to get a momento of our pilgrimage but not something tacky. We decided on soccer shirts of the local La Liga team, Real Deportivo. Only problem is they don’t have my size! May have to walk the Camino again to fit the shirt!


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