The phrase “Filgrims” I blame Jes for. A Filgrims is a fake pilgrim, someone who hasn’t done the whole Camino. They start in Sarria, just over 100 kms from Santiago ( or 200 kms

if traveling by bicycle) so they can receive the certificate or Compostella to show they have walked the Camino – so I didn’t need to walk and extra 800 kms!

So when you hit Sarria you notice the increase in the people walking the Camino.

What does a filgrim look like?

  1. Day pack
  2. Power walking or ambling
  3. No blisters (on Day 1)
  4. Radio playing
  5. Stops at most bars and cafes
  6. Collects stamps in their Camino credential from anywhere
  7. Cycling in jandals (flip flops)
  8. A small dog. One that can do some walking but can also be carried.

But on reflection once I get off my high horse

  1. Families spending time together
  2. Groups of school students or church groups.

Maybe I am the fake pilgrim thinking my journey is any better or real than someone else’s.

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One thought on “Fligrims

  1. Admittedly, it’s a tough call! But there is something about the time and the pain that counts for something…

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