Yay for The Farmacia!

Farmacia image from Alamy.com

Just like in Korea, Spain has pharmacies on every street corner and in between. For the peregrino, they are a God send. The green cross symbolizes relief ! Today I need to visit a pharmacy on two occasions and both times I was glad I did.  The second visit was to buy Vicks Vapor Rub. In my childhood I only associated Vicks with a cold. Mum would rub it on my tummy or put some under my nose to clear my nasal passage. I had never thought of it to massage sore muscles.

The descent yesterday from the Iron Cross took a toll on my legs. The steep descent really jarred them so they were sore today. Then I discovered Vicks and it seems to have done the trick. Let’s see what tomorrow brings and thanks to all the pharmacists for their help


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