Heading to the Hills


Today we left the plains and started for the hills. Again Andrew was out front and I was playing catch up which has worked out fine. We can walk at our own pace and spend breaks talking and joking about what we have seen and the people we have met.

At the crack of dawn we left Hopital de Obigo and headed to Astoga, the next large town. Today the plan was to see how far our bodies would carry us. On reflection we probably pushed it. We made it to Rabanal which is at the start of the assent over the mountain (not mountain by NZ standard but a climb none the less).

Tomorrow we climb to Cruz de Ferro at 1500 meters. There is a big iron cross here and is a reflection point for pilgrims. Many leave things at the foot of the cross – a momento or maybe something that they want to let go.

Time to think about what to leave.

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