What makes a good Camino Day?


  1. A beautiful sunrise
  2. Fresh Totilla for breakfast
  3. Coke, ice and a slice of lemon
  4. A conversation along the path
  5. An albergue that is not completo (full)
  6. A bottom bunk bed
  7. Finished walking by 2 pm
  8. A hot shower!
  9. A tasty pilgrims meal and lively conversation
  10. A bunk room that is not too hot
  11. Feet and other body parts still intact
  12. Body and soul ready to tackle a new day

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2 thoughts on “What makes a good Camino Day?

  1. Hey Alan, love reading your blog. Enjoy capturing a glimpse of your days. Take care out there, and I hope it is all that you dreamed it would be, and more! – Anne 🙂

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