Doing the business in Logrono

It was great having a relaxed start today. With only 10 kms to Logrono and not needing to get there before 1pm, I could afford to take my time.

The albergue was very quiet after the initial chaos of 5am and then the more relaxed walkers leaving in dribs and drabs from 6:30 am on. I was the last to leave at 8am.

Walked some of the way with a Canadian, originally from Malta and then towards the end, a couple from Australia who were finishing in Logrono.

I also had time to chat to a couple of local priests who had a donation stand on the side of the trail. They offered a cup of wheat coffee which I tried – it wasn’t too bad. These guys were involved in local ministries within the parishes of Pamplona and Logrono.


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