Thinking strategically

It was an easier day today, only 24 kms. With an early start at 6 am, I was able to make it to Villa Mayor de Monjardin by 1pm, which is very early to stop. My problem was the next town with an albergue was another 13 kms – too far! A good start tomorrow will see me calve that off by mid morning.

I am finding accommodation not hard to find, if you stop before 4pm. I tend to stop by 3pm after having started so early.

Had a conversation earlier in the day with two English peregrinos. They were saying that accommodation further on was all booked up! They did clarify that they were talking about private rooms for two rather than the albergues.

Had time to reflect and pray at the church tonight. An elderly Spanish man allowed me to stay and only locked up after I had finished. The older people along the Camino have been so giving in keeping the places of worship accessible.

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