Lessons learned in Barcelona

  1. Hot chocolate should be eaten with a spoon rather than drunk. Very nice.
  2. Don’t try and sell your house in New Zealand while in Barcelona, particularly if you need documents notorised. Finally found someone to do it saving me a trip to Madrid.
  3. It is okay to lie and say you are Australian but only if it is to save yourself a long explanation to someone who doesn’t speak English.
  4. Never assume you can cross both lanes of a street. The pedestrian green light may only get you half way.
  5. Love Guadi. He is big in this town

This city is certainly worth a return trip. There is so much to see and experience.


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3 thoughts on “Lessons learned in Barcelona

  1. Alan,

    Barcelona was our last stop on the way to St. Jean last summer. What a great city! I’m still getting over Sagrada Familia.

    And, hey, there’s no shame telling someone you’re Aussie, though I’m sure you had to swallow hard to do it!

    Can’t wait to follow your progress. We’re certainly there with you in spirit.


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