First trial run

Today’s was the first real outing with a full pack. I was also attempting to walk 30 kms for two consecutive days to see if I was ready to tackle big kilometres. The trail today from Yangsu towards Gapyeong ( as close to it as possible) was fairly flat so it was more about distance.

The bike/walking path ran alongside a highway which was interesting as there were parks dotted intermittently along the way. Korea is certainly working at getting people out of their cars. It was also great to see the number and range of people out on bikes. The legions of Lycra raced past while families and young people ambled along at their own pace.

One of my goals on the Camino is to be able to connect with people. Starting conversations is an area I find a challenge. Today was a day just to be open and invite conversation with people, providing opportunities to develop conversation rather than shutting it down.

I meet Joseph today on the subway who was off hiking for the day. Had a great conversation and exchanged contact details to go hiking together in the future.

At lunch, a Korean cyclist offered me some Korean rice sweet. Normally I decline but this time saw the opportunity, through broken English to have a conversation. The sweet wasn’t great but the conversation uplifting.

Managed 25km today although I ┬ájust couldn’t get in a rhythm and had to stop. Found a motel at Daeseong-Ri and was looking forward to a hot shower, cool drink and bed. I was surprised that there was no one around and was greeted by a voice from a vending machine. Pay the money and the key for the room you select pops out – easy. Room was very modern and clean.

Leaving the motel to get some food, the manager appears and in broken English asks if I am staying to sleep. After a little confusion I realize the room rate was for a short period of time – never found out what. Had to pay double to be able to stay overnight.

Was too tired to move.

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