The long walk to Chuncheon

In preparation for walking the Camino I have set myself a number of walking challenges. The long walk to Chuncheon is the second challenge.
The distance from school is approximately 200 kms and can be undertaken by walking along Seoul’s walk and bike paths.
With Seoul’s extensive subway system, I have been able to break the walk up into stages. So I have been walking between subway stations.

Today’s walk was from Paldang to Yansu, a distance of 15 kilometres.
Although the air quality readings were high (meaning – not healthy), thousands of people were out.

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 6.57.24 PM
Paldang station is a major dropping off point and a number of bike rental stores had racks of bikes for hire.
Part way along the trail is the old Nungnae Railway Station, a popular spot to relax. Here you can get a special biking passport stamped. There are numerous places throughout Korea that stamp the passport. Once you have filled your passport (there are 45 stations in total!) you will receive a special medal. To find out more visit:

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